Colored Studio Portraits Workshop: Video Tutorials

Working with color in Lightroom - 15:29

We start off by making color adjustments in Lightroom with our raw image. This is where we have the most information available to us and we want to preserve as much of that information as we can, before we go into Photoshop and start making more 'destructive' edits.

Fixing the Skin - 14:46

Next we will use the healing brush and the patch tool, to fix blemishes etc on the skin. A full beauty edit can take upwards of 2 hours and for me, that's just too painful. I'll show you how to get your entire skin edit done in about 15 minutes in this and the next two videos.

Toning the Skin - 9:11

This video shows you a quick way to further enhance the skin and resolve issues not related to blemishes.

Smoothing the skin - 8:41

Finally, we're going to apply some 'smoothing' to the skin. Use this technique sparingly and lower the opacity of this layer as I demonstrate. It can look dreadful if/when it's overdone.

Finishing Touches - 15:32

We wrap up with applying some texture to our background, some blur on our subject and a light leak across the entire image.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION The password to this content will expire after 30 days, so you will want to save these videos to your computers. There is a download button just below each video on the rigt half of the screen, when you lanuch the video from the Vimeo site.

I ask that you please respect the privacy of the intellectual property that you have purchased. The video content is for persons who paid for and attended the workshop ONLY. Please do not share or redistrubte the video content.

Thank you very much for attending everyone!


Pete Jones, Vancouver Photographer
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