West Coast Mountain Photo Tour by Helicopter ($340)

FIRST GROUP (SOLD OUT!): Saturday June 3, 2017 | 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
SECOND GROUP (OPEN NOW!): Saturday June 24, 2017 | 8:15 PM to 9:15 PM
LOCATION: SKY Hangar – Pitt Meadows Regional Airport - YPK 18799 Airport Way Pitt Meadows
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This adventure includes a half hour remote backcountry landing and a half hour flight time. Look north to see glacier peaks, west for views of the Pacific Ocean and Vancouver Island, and south for a panorama of the volcanic Mount Baker.

This workshop is any photographer's DREAM! You won't get footage like this any other way, not even with a drone!

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There is a plethora of information below - it is all extremely important, so please read very carefully! I've been very thorough and I've done my very best to answer all of your questions (and address every major consideration) below....

The Workshop Includes

30 minute landed time on mountain peak for panoramas

30 minute flight time

Video tutorials with editing techniques for panoramas & HDR

The Workshop Will Cover

Basic shooting techniques for panorama & HDR

Basic Camera settings, composition, depth of field, etc.

Essential post production skills

Important Considerations


Full Name
Accurate weight of yourself
Estimated/Accurate weight of your gear
Emergency contact information
**There is a maximum seat capacity of 300lbs and a combined total maximum capactiy (including gear) of 525lbs

Think of the inside of the helicopter as you would the inside of a car. There will be 4 passengers total; driver/pilot and 3 people with window seats (the doors will be off for those 3 people and we can tell the helicopter to stop and turn so that both sides of the chopper can get the shot of whatever it is we're shooting on the way to the mountain-top). There is NO STORAGE space in the 4-seat R44 helicopter, so your lap is your storage - bring a small bag, a tripod and no more than two camera bodies w lenses.

Make SURE you bring proper footwear (there will be snow) and dress warm as it's windy in the chopper with the doors off. And for heaven's sake bring a tripod for the amazing panorama opportunities when we're landed on the mountain-top!

Recommended Gear

FAST & WIDE LENSES (as fast and as wide as you can go).

You'll want something as close to 18mm or 24mm as you can get. The faster the aperture the better. Everything is far away, so you won't have to worry about DOF so much. f2.8 to f3.5 is an optimal range, with good ISO performance - image stabilization will obviously be a plus! There's a fair bit of vibration in the chopper, so you need to have shutter speeds upwards of 1/600th of a second!

You will not be able to change lenses during the flight due to the wind, BUT... you will be able to when we land on the mountain. So you could shoot wide on the way there, do whatever you want for panoramas while we're landed and then switch to a longer lens for the flight back, or... have two camera bodies with you!


Sorry gang, but it has to be like this. If people cancel out, then it will ruin it for the whole group and potentially put me at risk of having to pay for everything. This event's fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, unless...

  1. The conditions are bad, it rains or the helicopter does not lift off for whatever reason, then you CAN receive a refund. I will receive a phone call from the pilot the morning of the tour, letting me know about the weather.

    HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART... If we get rained out, we can reschedule, but... because we are a group I need a predetermined / agreed upoon date.... I'm trying to make it for the following Saturday, so.... If we get rained out on June 24, are you able to fully commit to July 1 as a rain date?

  2. We must have a group of 6 (including me) - If I cannot get 5 people to commit by 30 days prior to the event, I will cancel it and refund everyone. This is one of the ONLY two exceptions to the refund policy.

If something happens and you're unable to attend, you will be responsible for finding your own replacement to fill the seat, or you will forfeit the fee - I'm really sorry to have to do this, but one person cancelling could ruin it for the entire group and potentially put me on the line for thousands of dollars.

How to Register

The ONLY WAY to sign up for this exclusive workshop, is to sign up to my Meetup group and register for either the first or second group.

FIRST GROUP SOLD OUT! (Saturday June 3rd): www.meetup.com/VancouverPhotoWorkshops/events/237886054

SECOND GROUP OPEN NOW Sunday June 24th): www.meetup.com/VancouverPhotoWorkshops/events/237915048

ALL the information you will need, including any relevant updates and email notifications, can be found by signing up through the Meetup Group.

Additional notes: I cannot accept offline payment in the form of cash or check for this meetup. You must pay by credit card or PayPal through the meetup website.


Pete Jones, Vancouver Photographer
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