Thank you to everyone for your interest and support! The video content for this workshop can be found here:


Outdoor Portrait Workshop ($75)

FIRST GROUP (OPEN NOW!): Saturday Oct 6, 2019 | 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
LOCATION: 1499 Anderson St, Vancouver, BC See bottom of page for map

F, I've been focusing on outdoor portrait work and have had some great success!

Now, I'd like to share my process with you in a fully polished and revised workshop!

There is limited seating, so that you get the level of interaction you deserve.

Sign up today, by using the button below and joinig us in either the first, or second, Outdoor Portrait Workshop group on Meetup!

My hugely popular outdoor portrait photography workshop is BACK

BACKwith one of my all-time favorite locations (this time I’m going to show you how I scout my locations, then dial in the proper lighting, depth of field, compression and composition for a truly killer background)

BACK with one of Vancouver's most beautfiul and demonstrated subjects, (as always, I deliver only the most qualified models!)

BACK with new & updated content, both on location AND in the online Photoshop editing tutorials

BACK with more thorough posing instruction and diagnostics, to illustrate the do’s and don’ts.

The Workshop Includes

A professional model/actor on set

2-3 hours of on-site, outdoor instruction & shooting

2 hours of Instructional videos of my Photoshop editing techniques

Links and resources for you to refer to for specific techniques

Limited seating, so that you get the level of interaction you deserve!

The Workshop Will Cover

Affordable gear that you can use to make professional images

Camera & lighting settings, composition, depth of field, etc.

High Speed Sync & wireless technology

How to pose your model properly

How to create online proofing galleries for your clients

How to set expectations with your clients or TF subjects

What You Can Expect From The Workshop

I will work directly with each and every one of you, to help you achieve 40-50 QUALITY exposures. You will be able to use these images to follow along the Photoshop video tutorials afterwards. I will coach you through every aspect of every frame; lighting, composition, depth of field, compression, posing direction and more. We do this in cycles, to keep everyone fully engaged. I'll work with you to get your first 10-12, then we rotate through the entire group about 4 times. This will provide an excellent opportunity for others to learn from the direction & diagnostics that I provide to everyone. I have a tested and proven method that you will actually LEARN from.


You must be familiar with your camera’s settings in manual mode; know how to adjust shutter speed, aperture, ISO, select focal points, check histograms etc. on the fly. Knowing how to control your hotshoe functions for wireless transmitters may be helpful to you, but not critical. If you have a pocket Wizard series transmitter, by all means - bring it, but the ONLY thing you need is your camera! I can provide some assistance with all of this, but I am only proficient with Canon models.

You will want to bring the WIDEST aperture lens that you have, (with the LONGEST focal length and preferably image stabilization).

You will want to own a copy of Photoshop and/or Lightroom in order to fully benefit from this workshop.

No tripods please.

How to Register

The EASIEST & BEST WAY to sign up for this exclusive workshop, is to sign up to my Meetup group and register for either the first or second group Outdoor Portrait Workshop ($75)

FIRST GROUP OPEN NOW! (Saturday July 1st):


ALL the information you will need, including any relevant updates and email notifications, can be found by signing up through the Meetup Group.

If you prefer not to register through my Meetup Group, which I do not recommend, we can still sign you up! You will need to pay using the "Pay Now" button below and I will follow up with instructions via email. All transactions are secured and insured via PayPal.

Additional notes: I will also accept offline payment in the form of cash, for those that do not have/want a PayPal account or credit card. Please contact me directly if this is the case:

**Refunds can ONLY be provided to anyone who cancels at least 21 days in advance of the workshop.


Pete Jones, Vancouver Photographer
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