Outdoor Portrait Workshop: Video Tutorials

RAW adjustments in Lightroom - 8:05

We start off with making adjustments to the raw file in Lightroom, while being careful to preserve skin tones.

Editing the skin: stage 1 - 8:38

In this video I'm going to show you how we begin with the image in Photoshop; remove distracting detials from the background, crop and edit the first stage of the skin.

Editing the skin: stage 2 - 26:26

This video demonstrates two different quick methods for smoothing the skin. One of them utilizes Imagenomic's Portraiture plugin, which can be found here: www.imagenomic.com

Dodging & Burning - 8:27

This video demonstrates how I dodge & burn the eyes, skin & hair.

Time Lapse of a complete edit - 1:58

Here's a time lapse of an entire edit from start to finish.

Setting the Expectaion(s) - 10:16

In this video I discuss the importance of communication, planning, setting expectations, and having your terms in black & white.

Bonus Video: Fudging the Squinch - 4:45

By now you should all be familiar with Peter Hurley's "squinch". If you're not, you can learn about it here:

Watch Peter Hurley's video: "It's all about the squinch"

Thank You! - 1:24

This video has IMPORTANT information on how to download the movies to your computer. The password is subject to expiry after 30 days, so please make sure you save a copy for yourself!

I ask that you please respect the privacy of the intellectual property that you have purchased. The video content is for persons who paid for and attended the workshop ONLY. Thanks Everyone - see you next time!!


Pete Jones, Vancouver Photographer
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