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While Brantford may seem significantly dwarfed in entertainment options compared to the much larger cities that surround it, there are still several things to keep residents and guests busy and entertained within the city limits. Here are a few examples of ways to stay active within the city.

The Sanderson Centre


Brantford boosts having a fantastic centre for the arts in The Sanderson Centre. This location offers several productions each year, ranging from musicals to straight plays to operas and concerts. It was also used as the main stage for Canadian hit television show "Slings & Arrows".

Other films and television series have also featured locations around Brantford for their work. These include Welcome to Mooseport, which was filmed partially in the Brantford Airport and an episode of the television show "Due South".


Brantford houses several sports teams, which could be enjoyed as a spectator or a player. The OHL team is the Brantford Golden Eagles, while there is also a MHL senior's team in the Brantford Blast. The senior's team was last year's winner and host of the Allen Cup. If you're more interested in summer sports, Brantford's IBL team is the Red Socks. For someone looking for a little something different, try the city's rugby team, The Harlequins.

Hockey's Great One, Wayne Gretzky grew up in the Brantford area and still holds an annual tournament within the city. There is also an international swimming tournament held in the city each November. The Brantford Golf & Country Club is the 4th oldest club in North America and holds a top 30 spot on the list of Canada's best golf courses.


For those looking for a relaxing day in the outdoors, there is certainly something for you in Brantford. The Golden Glaves Memorial Parkway may be a good place to start, taking you through the city and into the woods. There are also endless opportunities for fun and relaxation along the Grand River.

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