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Are you thinking about taking advantage of some of the great bargains to be found on the Brantford real estate market? One of the concerns that many have when considering relocation to this nice southern Ontario town is the job market. Much of the geographical area has been depressed over the last couple of years, and Brantford itself was known to have a high unemployment during the last half of the 20th century.

However, thanks to improved transportation lines and very appealing enticements for businesses, the Brantford economy has really turned around. Today, a large industrial base is helping to provide well paying, secure jobs for skilled people in the manufacturing and industrial trades. From manufacturing jobs to heavy duty construction machines, you'll find a diverse array of work available in the city. Here's a look at some of the big prospects.

Primary and Fabricated Metals

The metal working industry represents one of the most important sectors in the Brantford market, employing just over 6% of the total workers in the city. A lot of these workers can be found in businesses which directly supply the huge auto manufacturing industry of Ontario. Seven of the largest auto manufacturers in the world operate 14 plants in the area.

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The positions offered within the metals industry in Brantford are incredibly varied. There are the usual openings for skilled welders, electricians, and plumbers. There are also jobs for front end assembly personnel and support staff. With the industry, along with most others, shifting towards a higher tech aspect, many metal foundries and manufacturers are also looking for specialists in computers who can design online project collaboration software, tend to calibration issues, and so on.

Food Manufacturing

One of the relatively new sectors in the industrial segment of the Brantford economy is the food manufacturing business. Since 1994, the addition of eleven new companies has increased the number in the region to 21, employing more than 2000 people.

Important companies include Ferrero and Dure foods. Again, jobs run the gamut from assembly line workers to tech support. The burgeoning market also provides lots of work for independent contractors, plumbers who specialize in thermal insulation materials and the installation of other sort of safety equipment.


With the revitalization of the area's economy, the construction industry has also seen major growth within Brantford. There is perhaps no better sector when it comes to supporting a wide variety of skilled workers than the construction one. Web slings support those with the skill to install windows in the latest high rises; electricians, heavy machinery operators, and designers are in high demand.

Chemical Manufacturing

Using glass implements and high density cloth uniforms as shielding, many labourers find work within the chemical manufacturing industry. Businesses in this sector in Ontario are historically more successful than their American counterparts, in part thanks to specialized training complemented by good wages. There are two major chemical manufacturing companies operating in the city, Apotex and Methapharm.

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