Lynden Park Mall

One thing is certain in this season, and that is that the biggest malls in every city of the country become the nerve centers of their communities. People from outlying areas flock to the nearest large centers to get their Christmas shopping done, people who already live in those centers try to plan their days around the right places to shop and the most convenient hours.

It's a big season for retail and for shoppers, and the mall is the centre of it all. For people who live on or near Brantford, the destination of choice is Lynden Park Mall. With more than 95 different stores and a commitment to clean energy (which should sit well with parents looking for cloth diapers!) the mall is known as the hub of the retail area. Let's take a look at some of the goods you can find there, and the stores in which you will find them.


The latest line of TREO leather pouches, a purse from Gucci, or a pearl necklace to complement that new evening gown, accessories are some of the most important items in our wardrobes. They are also great as gift items, and there are 12 different stores in Lynden Park Mall carrying the bags, jewellery, and fashion accessories you are looking for. Stores include Bentley, Green Earth, and Tied Up.

Department Stores

Department stores are always the anchors of any mall, with premium placement and the most traffic. Generally, you can find just about any item you want in these stores, whether that is perfume or the right chair to finish off your patio set. Sears and Winners are the big names at the north and south entrances of Lynden Park.


Of course, the main items anyone goes to a mall for are clothes, and you will find a lot of fashion stores in Lynden Park. Wall words create a welcoming atmosphere for stores focusing on women's fashion such as Cleo, Suzy Shier, and Smart Set. You'll only find two stores focusing on men's fashion exclusively, and those are Tip Top Tailors and the Jean Machine.

Don't fret, guys, because you'll find suitable clothing in the unisex fashion stores as well. These include Mark's Work Wear house and West 49. There are stores for your little one's fashion needs too, like Bonnie Togs.

Home Furnishings

Stores such as Green Earth are good places to go if you are looking for decorations or for furniture. There is aquarium gravel for the creatively minded decorator as well as the usual assortment of couches, chairs, and electronics.

And what would a mall be without a great food court? Five restaurants, all national favourites, serve hungry customers on a daily basis at the heart of the mall.

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