How To Blow The Sale

Most people think that once they have a buyer who is interested in their home for sale, they're set. Nothing can go wrong. However, there are still plenty of things that could happen to ruin the deal. Some sellers even sabotage the deal inadvertently themselves by making some common mistakes. To avoid having to start all over again, let this article teach you how to blow a sale so you know what to avoid when the first offers start coming in.

Make a Greedy Counter Offer

Getting an offer on your townhomes for sale is not an invitation to pump buyers for all they're worth. If you make a counteroffer that's too greedy, buyers are more likely to walk away and look for a more reasonable seller than they are to give in to you. Countering at the asking price or making only small concessions is insulting, so try to be fair and meet the buyers in the middle. You should always expect negotiation and price your property accordingly.

Here are some counteroffer tactic tips

Say No to a Home Inspection

If your buyers want to make their offer conditional on the results of the home inspection, agree to it. This is not an unusual or unfair request. Buyers need to know the property they're buying isn't going to collapse around their ears. If you say no to a home inspection contingency it causes major red flags to pop up in the buyer's mind. Denial of a home inspection is a dead giveaway that there's something seriously wrong with your home, so buyers will likely run in the other direction.


Any lie you tell is sure to be found out eventually, and when it is, the buyers will likely pack up and look for more truthful sellers regardless of how seemingly harmless the lie is, because they will start to wonder: if she lied about this, what else did she lie about? That's not to say you should volunteer unfavorable information, but if the buyers ask: tell. This goes for everything from noisy neighbors in your condo to hidden water damage in the basement. Big lies, such as concealing damage to your home, can actually get you sued.

Don't miss out on a sale due to failure to disclosure

Do the Paperwork Yourself

There are real estate agents and lawyers for a reason, and it's not to siphon off the hard earned money you stand to make on your sale. It's because real estate contracts and agreements are complicated and if you screw them up, both you and the seller could end up with fines or in court getting sued. Always hire a competent professional to draw up and look over your paperwork before it gets signed to avoid deal-breaking mistakes.

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